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Our experienced technicians would like to help you optimize your pools performance.

We recommend that during summer months, your filter system is run at least 6 hours each day or as directed by your pool technician.  

Please let us know, (954) 336-8226, if you are having your roof and/or patio pressure washed, so we can help prepare your pool.  This way, you save time and money and avoid extra service calls. 

Our technicians are very pet friendly.   We do our best to guarantee your pet's safety while servicing your pool.  For your pet's safety, please keep them secured inside your home or otherwise restrained on service days. To guarantee everyone's safety, your pool service may be delayed if "guarded" by an unfriendly pet. 

Our certified service technicians do not monitor automatic water fill systems.  Your automatic water fill system malfunctions are not covered by your Pools 2 Perfection service contract.   


What water properties should my certified pool service technician be testing on each service call?
Your certified service technician should be analyzing pH, chlorine, and alkalinity each week.  Every two to three weeks, they should be analyzing for stabilizer and total hardness.  Every four to six weeks, they should be checking for iron and copper buildup, as well as the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  If any of these levels are out of balance, they will be adjusted by the certified service technician.  

Where should the pool water level be during normal circumstances?
We recommend that the water level is half way up the tile or half way up the skimmer entry.

How often should I fill my pool and/or spa?
This will vary depending upon several factors including: weather, bather load, outside temperature, and the pool or spa's temperature.  
Pools that are covered should not have to be re-filled more than once every 2 weeks.  Spas that have a conventional cover, should not have to be re-filled more than once a month.  Please notify your certified pool technician if you see a significant change in water requirements.   

How do I fill my pool and/or spa?
There are several methods to re-fill your pool and/or spa.  It can be as simple as hooking your garden hose to the outside faucet or installing an automatic water fill system.  Contact us, (954) 336-8226, to discuss your options.  

How long should my pool filter run each day?
Since pool cleanliness depends upon numerous factors, such as bather load, pool size, pump horsepower, filer type, and backyard environment, each pool will have different filtering needs.  We recommend a pool filter run 6 to 8 hours per day when the weather is hot (above 850). During cooler weather, 4 to 6 hours per day should suffice.  For precise information based on your particular pool, please consult your pool technician.  

What part of the day is the best to run my pool filter?
To slow chlorine evaporation, maximize water clarity, and prevent algae, our certified technicians recommend your pool filter should run during the hottest part of the day. 

What is the highest recommended temperature my pool/spa should be set at?
We do not recommend you operate your pool and or spa over 104 degrees without first consulting your physician.  Higher temperatures can lead to higher utility bills and and additional chemicals.  

Why is there foam in my spa?

Foaming is usually the result of low calcium or a build up of organic waste, suntan lotion, deodorants, cosmetics, etc.  The best way to avoid foam in your spa is to have bathers rinse before entering your spa.

Why is there scale on my tile?
Scale is a crusty white deposit that results from improper water chemistry.  Scale is usually caused by high pH and alkalinity, with high levels of calcium hardness.  Depending on the severity of the scale, it may be necessary to have your tile cleaned with chemicals or to perform an acid wash to remove it from the pool wall surfaces.  To keep scale to a minimum, our certified service technician will monitor the pool conditions and recommend any water chemistry changes.  

What should I do if my pool pump won't start?

First, ensure the power, electrical breakers, and timeclock are all on and functioning properly.  If the pump still will not start, then contact your pool service technician for further instructions.

What should I do if my pool cleaner is not working?
First, ensure there is nothing lodged in or obstructing the suction of the cleaner (toys, rocks, etc).  Also, check that the cleaner is properly connected to the vacuum line in the pool.   If the pool cleaner is still not working, then contact your pool service technician for further instructions.

My filter pressure is high, what should I do?
High filter pressure is usually an indication of a dirty filter.  Your filter, depending on age and maintenance cycle, may need to be backwashed, have a complete cleaning done, or be replaced.  Please contact us to assist with your filter needs.   

How can I get Pools 2 Perfection to provide service for my pool?
Our certified, experienced pool technicians would love to do the work, while you have the fun.  Contact us at (954) 336-8226 or Pools2Perfection@gmail.com.

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